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About us

We have a more than 25 years of professional experience in the laundry industry. Through our offerings and services we give you the opportunity to benefit from that. Our individual care and comparatively cheap prices distinguishes us.We advise you in restructuring, new acquisitions and spare parts to save money and to avoid trouble.

Over the years this market has become increasingly opaque and, like any other, it has many “black sheep”. We lift ourselves by the quality and fairness to our customers from the crowd. About your interest we would be very happy!

Here you will find an overview and a product list.

Of course we can offer you other spare parts:

Waterpumps for all

  • Senking tunnelwasher

  • Kannegießer tunnelwasher

  • Lavatec tunnelwasher

for Senking

  • driving cog chains

  • outside cylinder seal for

and so on.

We also manufacture complete washing systems or seperate maschines like.

  • washing lines in all sizes

  • extraction presses

  • centrifugal extractors

  • dryers

  • ironers

And everything which belongs to laundry.

Just contact us, we are looking forward to your questions.

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